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Antelope Creek Farms is located on the Historic Wittenburg Ranch near Lometa, Texas. It it located about 90 miles north of Austin and centrally located near Colorado Bend State Park and the Historic communities of Lampasas and San Saba. It has been owned and operated by the Wittenburg family for over 175 years. Through the years it has been a working ranch with sheep, goat and cattle herds being the main operation along with some agricultural production.  Most recently, the ranch is used for the raising of black angus cattle. 


Antelope Creek Farms was named by Albert Faubion in 1917. Albert was the paternal great grandfather of Leslie (Wittenburg) Spraggins. He operated the ranch until his death, when his grandson, Joe Wittenburg, assumed operation of the land. Antelope Creek Farms then became joined with the Wittenburg Ranch. Joe Wittenburg later gave Antelope Creek Farms to his daughter, Leslie Wittenburg. 

Albert Faubion and Beulah Simler Faubion, the original owners of Antelope Creek Farms, on the day of their wedding, December 21, 1904.

Albert Faubion and Beulah Simler Faubion on the day of their wedding,
December 21, 1904.

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